Arboricultural Services

Trees & Planning Applications

Mature trees on sites earmarked for development can increase the sale-value of property owing to their landscape value. However, within the local authority (Council) planning system, trees subject to legal protection or otherwise are frequently regarded as a material constraint that must be given due consideration. Arbol EuroConsulting can undertake and supply Tree Constraint Plans and Tree Protection Plans as part of a planning application. Furthermore, we can provide Arboricultural Method Statements to specify how (engineering) works may be carried out around retention trees to minimise damage to them. In addition, we can provide on-site monitoring to ensure that tree protection measures are in place. All of the above services may be conditioned by a local authority as part of a planning application for property development and our tree reporting is in line with BS:5837 (2012) “Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations” .


Tree Inspections, Surveys & Reports

Trees on any given site can be varied by nature of their species range, age class, condition and growth potential. In order to effectively manage this ‘green resource’, management priorities must be established to ensure that financial resources are best allocated to maximise its amenity and environmental value. Arbol EuroConsulting can supply prioritised Tree Management Plans to enable site owners, agents and/managers to identify the management priorities for the trees within/under their ownership/control.


Tree Risk Assessment 

In general, trees are an asset. However, owing to the legal Duty of Care placed on tree owners and managers, concerns may be raised as to the potential for trees (or their parts: branches et al) to fail and damage persons/property. We are able to carry out Visual Tree Assessments in relation to the target values (persons or property) and estimate the likelihood of tree failure. This prioritises the tree risk and enables cost effective allocation of resources to manage these risks.


Tree Preservation Orders and General Planning Advice

Both the legal system and regulations (Town & Country Planning Act 1947 and Regulations 1999) associated with the statutory protection of trees (& woodlands) and the UK planning system can be complex. With direct past experience working within an outer London Local Planning Authority, Arbol EuroConsulting is able to offer ‘in-house type’ advice to clients to enable them to interpret how such regulations may/will affect them. This advice can be invaluable when preserved trees (or woodland) are growing on a site earmarked for development.


Tree Reports for Client Mortgage Applications

Normally, as part of the home-purchase process (mortgage application), Surveyors are requested to (structurally) assess properties. On occasions, medium / large trees can be present – in front and/or back gardens - that may give Surveyors ‘case for concern’. As a result, mortgage companies may ask for qualified reports on such trees. Arbol EuroConsulting can assess trees for mortgages purpose looking at their size, age, condition, growth potential and any required management, plus soil assessments (using a manually operated Dutch Soil Auger to a depth of up to 1.2m) in respect of any desiccation.